Monday, February 20, 2012

In the mean time...

Look at what our favorite paper artist is working on! A huge easter egg! which is totally awesome. We love your creative ideas Rob Ryan.

He is participating in an event called The Big Egg Hunt, where there will be other huge eggs (double the awesomenes!!) by other creative artists. Here are the list of most of the the other artists that will be participating. 
Aisha Caan
Kristina Kurkina
Anita Klein
Andrew Logan
Miss Dee
Hannah Martin
Clara Lacy
Martin Aveling
Emma Clegg
Rebecca Sutherland
Janet Law
Caio Locke
Caio Locke & 3D Eye
Helen Cowcher
Alex Williams
Holly Frean
Claude Temin-Vergez
Emma E. Kemp
Rolando Di Sessa Neto
Jill Berelowitz
Jane Morgan
Sabine Roemer

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